Seriously? Why is it so hard for Buyer’s Agents to provide simple feedback on listed properties!

Are they…

-Too busy to take 30 seconds to just click boxes.

-To lazy and can’t be bothered.

-Don’t care unless it’s their listing.

-Just plain inconsiderate.

I have noticed in my business that other agent’s have become so desensitized to how to be courteous to other agents. When they act unprofessional, we all look unprofessional. This concept needs to be understood.

Our client’s hire us to represent them in more of the most expensive and emotional life events. it is our duty to honor that to the fullest degree. There is absolutely no reason feedback should not be done.

Real estate agents have had a long standing bad reputation for being another salesperson out for blood. Why keep this stigma!

Let’s start changing the way we are viewed by the public!

So, what does feedback accomplish?

-Allows Seller to see what Buyers think of their home from a third party view.

-Solidifies listing price.

-Helps agents determine what Seller’s may want to change.

-Provides future reference for additional properties in the same area.

Let’s all play the game fairly and be courteous to one another shall we?