“Let me just Start by saying that Angela is your girl if you want to find your dream Ranch property. We started our journey a year ago with Angela after long conversations on the phone we decided to move from Huntington Beach California to Colorado. We knew nothing about Colorado and had no idea where to start. Angela soon became not only our agent but a close friend. She spent countless amounts of hours on the phone and hours of driving us around all over Colorado to show us different properties. She was wonderful and really guided us in the right direction with our ranch home. We are so thankful we took the leap and moved to our dream home on 5 acres in Franktown. Thanks to Angela and all of her hard work we can say we are homeowners in this beautiful State. 5 stars ⭐️ Aren’t enough for The Pioneer Agent.”-Tammy Toomire

“Angela is very well versed when it comes to real estate, especially with regards to ranch and horse property! She’s not only knowledgeable regarding the real estate end, but she’ll educate her clients about what it takes to own ranch property (and horses!) for those who may be new to it. I highly recommend Angela!”-Amber Zambai

“Angela is an amazing agent! If you are looking for a horse property or any property for that matter, check her out. She is very knowledgeable when it comes to the things that are important when looking for a horse property. I would recommend her to anyone looking for a new home!”-Kandice Lee Dougherty

“Angela is such a knowledgeable agent. She knows everything about ranch or other residential properties and she will advise you about their important features. She will represent you honestly and will negotiate a good deal for you. Highly recommend her.”-Monika Anderson

“When seeking a horse property, you need the help of someone who really understands what makes a great horse property. Having seen Angela’s own barn, she knows what makes a great property. This attention to detail is what makes the difference between a great experience and not. Now, if she can handle this amount of detail for a horse property, imagine how well she will serve you when your desires are more simple! You won’t go wrong with Angela on your team! Thanks.”-Darren Kaberna

“Angela is a amazing real estate agent!! I have had the pleasure of working with her a couple times, and have referred her to both friends and family, who have also loved working with her. She cares about her clients and goes above and beyond for them!!”-Bill Schaeffer

“Angela is great. I currently work with her. I have so much faith in her that if ever I was in a position that I could not represent my own family in the home buying/selling process I would want Angela to do it. That says a lot because I do not trust just anyone. She is honest and intelligent and I am grateful for everything you do! “Thanks Lady!” -Allison O’Bannon

“I can’t sing her praises enough! My husband and I were looking for a piece of land to buy to eventually build on in the mountains. This is certainly not the big ticket item realtors who do not care about their clients would waste much time on. Angela spent HOURS combing over properties to find us the best fit. She is truly SO fun to work with. I have used realtors in the past and have liked them. We used Angela and LOVED her. We won’t need to find another realtor again. What a relief! hahah. Use her services and enjoy her jokes. She’s a true professional, a total sweetheart, a lover of animals, and the person who will find you exactly what you are looking for.”- Missy Garner

“If you are looking for the most knowledgeable, competent, honest and friendly agent, Angela is the one to find your Dream Property!”- Shawna Lyn Jarvis

“I will be in the market for a new property in the near future and Angela will be my go-to agent to assist me through the process. From our past dealings, she has been well informed, professional, caring and trustworthy. She comes to me with high recommendations from others that have utilized her services in the past. I’m looking forward to working with Angela soon.” -Bernard Alonso

“Angela is simply AMAZING. She listens, she makes sure that she understands and she leaves, no doubt that she cares about you. Her knowledge of real estate, ranches, and horses is immediately evident. If you’re even considering purchasing a ranch property (or any property), make sure you talk to Angela. You’ll never regret it and you’ll probably learn something important! I’m glad to have had the opportunity to meet, work with and know this smart pioneer agent!”-Kyle Wood

“As a Loan Officer I interact with a lot of Real Estate Agents, but I have never met an Agent like Angela Smart. Her passion for helping people find ranch properties is second to none. Her personality is amazing and she is an expert at her craft. If you are looking for a true partner in an Agent, look no farther then Angela, she will make your dream of owning a ranch property a reality.”-Brian Bartony

“Angela is an awesome real estate agent! She loves ranch properties and helping her clients find the perfect ranch/farm. She is loyal to her clients and provides them with excellent knowledge and skills throughout the real estate transaction.”-Edie Loyd

“I am honored to be associated with Angela. Her expertise, and most important to me her persona; unique, uplifting, and rewarding. She is truly authentic. Thank you, Angela.”-Brian Costello

“Angela was so helpful and knowledgeable about helping me purchase my place. There was issues with the other realtor and she took care of it. She really cares. The signing was so easy online and I live out of state and had no issues buying my place in Colorado. I will definitely use Angela when I buy or sell my place in the future.” Mary Graham

“Angela is a very knowledgeable agent, that listens to your personal and family needs to find the perfect location for you. Reach out to her before you make your final decision on who to work with or you will miss out on greatness in the industry!! Highly recommended!!”-Johno Skeeters

“Angela is a truly caring person that has your best interests at heart. She knows the real estate business and will give expert advice, based on your needs not on her commission rate. She is invested until the deal is done!”-Kristie Newland

“Angela is incredibly knowledgable about farm and ranch properties, and living on one herself she knows what is important to fulfilling her client’s needs. I would absolutely recommend her for anyone looking to live the country life!”-Deborah Dennis