Hello fellow agents. As a perfectionist, there is one of many items I want to rant about. I am fully aware our Denver Market has been a sellers market for some time now which allows homes to get snatched up very quickly with very little effort. However, this does not mean you get to be lazy. You are representing your clients to the fullest extent which means giving buyers the most information possible. When we input our listings into the MLS, it drives me more than crazy when I see very little or no information. When we have buyers that are looking for specific things such as main floor master, main floor laundry, room measurements and specific zoning to name only a few, and that information is not put in, it will not come up in saved searches or on other syndicated sites. This lack of effort, it makes searching extremely difficult.

Here are the most common things agents leave out:
1. Which floor is the laundry on? If you have elderly or clients with mobility issues, this is a problem.

2. Special Taxing/Metro District. With a great number of these developments taking over, you need to be aware on how these properties can affect your clients pocketbook long term. If you don’t know what these districts are, please learn.

3. Rooms & Descriptions. I find this the most problematic. Buyers would like to know if their king bed will fit in the owner’s suite or other large furniture. It will eliminate you showing homes that won’t work from the get go. If you don’t have measurements, measure!

4. Include all inclusions and exclusions. FYI, built in stereo systems and speakers and tv wall mounts are considered fixtures. If your sellers plan to keep these, please add them in exclusions.

5. Garage details. What is the height and measurements of the garage and garage door? A must know for buyers with larger vehicles.

6. Is the property incorporated or unincorporated? This could affect property taxes and other things.

7. School of choice. This is important to know for families with children. Very important to get ahead in registering for schools before the buyers move.

8. Zoning & Well Permits. This is so easy to research. Call the county and State Engineer’s Office. For people looking to buy specific types of properties, buyers must know if they are allowed to use the land as they want. Read through the zoning and well permit regulations and spot anything that may affect your clients.

Give your clients the best experience and be a great agent!