Colorado Water Rights

Posted by Angela-Smart on  January 30, 2019

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What Does That Mean? Water Rights for surface and ground water in Colorado can be very complex. In 1879, Colorado legislature created the division of the state into ten water districts. Each district was delegated a Water Commissioner to divide the water in accordance with the Prior Appropriation Doctrine (first in time, first in right). Unfortunately, the was no way to measure water usage. In 1881, The Office of The State Engineer was created. The

Septic vs. Sewer. What is the Difference?

Posted by Angela-Smart on  October 1, 2018

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  I get this question quite often when clients are moving from residential properties to properties with acreage. In an urban area, most homes are connected to city water and sewer. All used water from the home goes to a water treatment plant. This is where solids are separated from liquids. Solid material is disposed and liquids go through numerous disinfecting and purification processes before it returns to the general public. So, in a sense
COLORADO’S INTRICATE DITCH SYSTEM HAS HELPED AGRICULTURE IN COLORADO THRIVE FOR HUNDREDS OF YEARS Many early ditches in Colorado were constructed by miners to divert stream water for their mining operations without regard for water access rights. Others were constructed by farmers who moved north from Mexico and implemented their traditional irrigation systems. One of these systems, the San Luis People’s Ditch in the San Luis Valley, has been in operation since its construction in

What The Heck is Zoning?

Posted by Angela-Smart on  January 23, 2018

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Have you ever wondered what ‘Zoning’ means in home and/or business ownership? And, I am not talking about daydreaming in company meetings…In conjunction with zoning regulations and resolution, every city and subdivision is assigned a zone before any building can begin. It is especially important to understand what zoning means before conducting business, adding additions to the home or acquiring animals. Zoning Douglas County Zoning Resolution A Resolution of the Board of County Commissioners of

Why Own a Hobby Farm?

Posted by nuclearseo on  October 22, 2017

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What is a Hobby Farm? A hobby farm (also called a lifestyle block in New Zealand) is a smallholding or small farm that is maintained without expectation of being a primary source of income. Some are merely to provide some recreational land, and perhaps a few horses for the family’s children. Others are managed as working farms for sideline income, or are even run at an ongoing loss as a lifestyle choice by people with